Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Barron's Pre-algebra part two

I gave some more thought to the complaint given by reviewers that this app does not identify wrong answers and I realized that most of the time in real life, we do not have answers available to check.  So why not use this app as a way to help students become accustomed to doing the work, checking it and if you are not sure, check your answer with other students.  This is a way of fostering cooperation, checking work, etc.  
this app is primarily for students to work on order of operations and practice using both positive and negative numbers.  It also has problems that use a double negative. Problems start easy and work to the more complex.  I still have to figure out the games you are allowed to play after meeting the 80% mastery level.   
If all else fails have the students show all their work.  Tomorrow, I will get around to reporting on Barron's algebra app.