Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Etc, busy day.

First off, I had several of my students try a paid for app called Algebra Tutor. It has two levels for each topic, the novice and the master levels.  Most of my students started with the novice level for using signed numbers.  I put some on solving equations or combining like terms.  They use a swipes and gestures to manipulate the terms and learn more about how the processes work.  It does cost but it is an app that seems to give the students a real opportunity to learn the processes and they enjoy it. 
Second, I think I finally got the exit ticket set up so my students can take a quick quiz tomorrow at the end of the various classes.  I managed to get things set up but the tickets wouldn't show.  I found a toggle switch that said hidden and moved it to visible so we'll see if that works.  I also updated some things on Schoology and we'll see how they work.  I put in several assignments and one discussion questions so we'll see how that goes.  The last time I tried the app, it went well and the kids enjoyed it.  I actually had one class discuss a topic but I had it so they could read each other's entries before posting.  I changed things so that have to post before they can see other answers. 
Third, over the past two days, I've passed out a complex task involving chicken and dogs.  One of my students who would rather  not do a thing, actually spent the class period solving it instead of bothering other people and she got it correct.  The main requirement is that students show their work and then explain how they got the answer in writing.  She did a fantastic job. I think it might have something to do with her being extremely bright and this is the first time she's been challenged in quite a while.  I hope I keep peaking her interest for the rest of the year.