Monday, February 24, 2014

Neat website and app

I went to a talk on aviation and the classroom and got quite a few neat links but found one that is awesome.  Its called Lineup with Math Simulator which is an Air Traffic Controller simulation and it uses Math. It is put out by NASA Ames research center.  What is really neat is there is a free app called Area 33.
The web based version has 2 to 5 airplane problems.  One that we saw, showed 3 planes who all had to go past the same check point and were traveling at the same speed.  You decide how to change the speed and learn to read the "screen" so they all arrive safely.  It is awesome as it gives you a real life situation for practicing math.
The app is called Sector 33 has 4 levels of certification and 35 programs featuring 2 to 5 planes.  I've downloaded it and plan to play it a bit later.  The web based game was awesome so I'm hoping the sector 33 game is a neat.