Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New use for mind maps.

I had my Algebra 1 class read the section on graphing linear inequalities.  Today, they helped me create a mind map so they can  use the organized information to help them graph linear inequalities.  I am having them practice reading the graphic organizer to help them interpret some pregraphed linear inequalities.  This is one way to help them learn and use the material.  I think for many students this is a way for them to organize the material they are learning in a way that can be easily referenced. 
I also had these same students try out the application Descartes Dots.  Most of them spent the time being frustrated because it is not like most games that they play.  The app gives them points for certain lines and they have to locate the points, then have the app connect the points.  When they have connected everything, they have created a picture.  It helps them become more confident using the Cartesian coordinate system.  They can see the x and y coordinates as they move an arrow across the plane. I am going to have them do this application again until they are more comfortable with it.  I remember that even when they graph on graph paper with a pencil, they get frustrated because they often flip the x and y values on the graph and it doesn't turn out right.