Friday, February 7, 2014

sharing results with students.

Today I gave my algebra 1 students the same 4 inequality problems as a warm-up, rather than the computerized practice they had yesterday.  I asked them how they could do the work today but not yesterday.  One answer I got was that they had the right answer but the computer didn't accept it.  This was true for only one problem and I showed them the breakdown so they could see that for the most part, their answers were not correct.  They had a great time reading how each of them answered each question, who put something like IDK or made up words.  In regard to the one question whose answer was x > 2 and the program marked x>2 as incorrect due to the lack of spaces, the kids started a discussion on why the computer did not recognize it.  I think I will share the results every time I give them any test/quiz type activity online, I am going to show them the results so we can talk about it.