Thursday, February 20, 2014

Someone followed my example

Yesterday, after school, the wing had a meeting and I shared how I had my students find the answer to which odds were better: winning the lottery or having quintuplets?  The video teacher is leaving instructions for the kids to research a certain program they will have to use.  He told me, he was inspired by my story and decided to leave this assignment because he was going to head off for the same technology in eduction that I'm going to be at.   I think that is cool.
Over the next couple days or so I want to investigate free video apps that will allow my students to make videos or video podcasts for an assignment. I realize there are the apple apps such as imovie, etc but I want to check out free apps because the school is on a very tight budget.I did download garage band when it was free so I have that but I want to check possibilities out.
Once I get the video making apps on the iPads, I am going to try to have students make a commercial on an aspect of math such as the perpendicular bisector.  the commercial will be no longer than 30 seconds which will make sure the material is there and they have to come to the point.  I can hardly wait.