Monday, February 3, 2014

Spread sheets.

I need to find a couple activities so my students can use spreadsheets.  I put documents 2 go which has both a word processor and a spread sheet.  Although, students take computer classes in which they learn to use various programs such as MS Word, Excel, Keynote, Pages, etc, I've found they really don't know how to really use the programs.  It is like they play with it but do not really learn the programs.  I also need to give students a chance to use spreadsheets within a mathematical/real life facet so they see a connection between the computer class and a more real world application.  
I also need to explore two websites tomorrow during my prep period.  I'm told the sites are for grades k to 6 or k to 8 but many of my students are below grade level in many aspects of Math and I'm thinking of registering for the sites and using them as scaffolding to help them improve.  I am assured that both websites can be used on the iPads.  Nothing is more frustrating than to discover that an awesome website I found cannot be used on the iPads.  I am going to try to set up the exit ticket tonight and see if I can get it working for tomorrow and treat the results as a quiz.