Monday, February 17, 2014

Too many tools?

I sometimes wonder if I have too many apps and too many things I want to do with the iPad during any one period.  Today in one class period, we did our warm-up, standardized test questions, made a mind map using the iPad to organize angle and perpendicular bisectors, median and altitudes. I then gave the students and assignment with about 10 min left out of a 55 min period.  I saw several students using their mind-maps to help them answer the questions.  On the other hand, I would love to have given an exit ticket via the exit ticket app but ran out of time.  I need to create a quiz in ET or in Schoology so I can see where the students are but again I have a time issue.  I also have games to help them improve skills and learn more about certain topics.  I think I need to sit down over the summer and really examine what apps would work best with which unit and I need to have lesson plans that write them in with a purpose in mind.
I think several questions I should ask area as follows
1.  What is the purpose of using this app or piece of technology?
2. How will it further student knowledge?
3.  How can I use the results of the game to provide data for my instruction?
4.  Do I really want to go totally paperless or do I need to see some sort of actual work?
5.  Will this offer guided practice?

I don't look at any of those question right now and I really should.  Often, I throw in the iPad because it seems to be right at this moment.  I think most of us have too much to do and not enough time.