Monday, February 10, 2014

Trig 1

I forgot I had this app, Trig 1.  This is a lovely app to help students learn about the ratios, using the ratios and practicing using the ratios in certain situations such as finding a roof support, finding the height of a building, etc. 
I like this app because it allows the students to bring up an example to see how to solve a problem and then it will return the student to the original problem by tapping on the screen.  Each section provides more than one practice problem so they can work on areas they have problems with. 
I really like the real world problems this app has students work.  I've noticed that students are good at doing the calculations type problems but once the same calculation is put into a real world situation, they have trouble doing it.  
I have a student who is doing trig right now and I am going to have him spend at least 10 min a day on this app until he's worked every single real world example.  Students need to become good at working real world examples.  I know when I finished high school, I found it difficult to do the same thing myself because the real world examples in our math book dealt with roman galleons and how many people you needed to row them.  Not the most practical skills.