Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mathtoons equations

I just figured out today that I can have my Algebra 1 class take a quiz every couple of days using Mathtoons equations.   As they take the quiz, there is a correcting mechanism that notifies students when they miss a problem and why.  Unfortunately, most of my students just ignore the information and keep selecting answers until they get the correct one.  The only other bad thing, is that the quiz has the same questions so students who redo the quiz will eventually get 100 percent.  Right now I am grading them for taking the quiz, not for their grade.  This is nice because I am getting them used to using the program.
I am thinking of having student write down one problem they miss on the quiz in a QR maker app and then let me scan the problem.  I expect them to copy down the correct answer and explain why they missed it.
Over the weekend I am going to read up on QR scavenger hunts to see how I can adapt the activity as a Search and rescue activity.  I would give them a problem they have to solve and then they have to go find the QR code with the answer written on the bottom.  Then they use that QR code for the next problem.
Over the summer I will be posting actual lesson plans using the ipads so as to keep a log of my ideas so I have  a record of them and perhaps get some feedback on my ideas.