Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My script calculator

Today I showed the students how to set up an equation so that my script calculator will solve for a variable without the student having to do the actual mathematics.  For instance in a ratio, you can put in 3/4 = 9/  and it will fill in the 12 so you don't have to do the actual math.  I knew that but did not share it with the students until today.  This was in Algebra I class.  In Algebra II, I have been working with the students to get them to learn to use free graph calc to find the values in a polynomial using the table part of the app.  Tomorrow I am going to talk about composite functions etc and then will have the students add to their Haiku Deck presentation on the section.  This is my class full of seniors and I am trying to make them more independent.
Finally, I shared the teaching channel with others in the Technology PLC and we found one that showed a website for students to use because it has audio, buttons with hints.  I will discuss the site tomorrow and figure out if it works on the iPad.