Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New warm up and update on Zoodle Comic

I am getting more work from my students.  Once they finish the comic strip, I have them save it and then either they e-mail it to me or I e-mail it to myself.  Once I get it, I can grade it and print the comic strip off so I can show them to others.  The comic strips are turning out quite well.
One of my students today asked if he could look up how fast a hummingbird beats its wings.  In the process of finding that info, he discovered the following information about hummingbirds:
1. Their heart beats 1360 times per minute.
2. They can fly 27 mph
3. on average they beat their wings 70 times a sec but if they are mating, it could be up to 100 times a second.
4.  Their tails make a whistling noise. 
They requested some problems using this information for warm-ups on monday.

I stumbled across a bit on how some folks used two sides of a 29 story building to create a tetras game.  I am trying to get enough information to create some warm-up problems.  Today I showed my students a couple short clips on the event and they thought it was neat.