Monday, April 28, 2014

Teaching channel and a reading assignment.

I went to a conference this past weekend and in one of the workshops we were shown several different examples of good teaching using The Teaching Channel.  I saw one great lesson on having students sort equations into always, sometimes and never stacks.  The students were working in groups but they had to support their choice with both verbal and visual evidence.  I liked the way you saw the teacher handling the class, explaining and creating a safe environment for students to try.  That is one lesson I want to try.  I saw another teacher have students work a problem on a paper, turn it in and she looked at the answers, sorting the yeses from no's and finding the best no answer.  She would copy the problem on the board and begins by asking students what is done correctly.  After, she then asked if they could find what was not correct and used this as a way of creating a dialog and assessment.  I think I will begin using this next year in my teaching.  I also plan to watch videos over the summer so that I can improve my teaching.
Today in my College prep math class, I gave students a section to read and create a presentation for using Haiku Deck.  Over the last few weeks of school, I want to have them become even more independent  since they are going to college next year.  If I had I movie on the ipads, I could have them take this a step further by importing the presentation into imovie, add sound and create a great presentation.