Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Warm-up lead to real life teaching moment and G7 geometry.

As noted in yesterday's blog, I wrote some math questions dealing with rent controlled apartments and landlords offering tenants who had been there money to move.  As part of the process, my students learned that if a family took the landlord up of $50,000 to move out of a rent controlled apt that rented for $549 per month, it equaled 7.5 years of rent.  On the other hand if they had to rent a new place for $2500 per month, the money would only pay for 20 months of rent.  If the landlord could raise the rent from $549 to 2500 per month, that was a 355% increase. This discussion lead my seniors to ask about buying a house.  I went to and we started checking out some places in the city closest to our town.  They were so interested that we will continue discussing the topic tomorrow in class.
In geometry, the students used G7 geometry app by appzest to take the quiz on quadrilateral shapes.  Most students got all the questions correct.  The app has information for the student on the section and then when the student hits go, the student is taken to the quiz.  There are 5 multiple choice questions in each section and the student is told if the answer they chose is correct or incorrect and why.  So either way, the student's learning is reinforced.  I like this feature in an app.