Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ways to help students learn material.

Today in Geometry, I had the students work with parallelograms and their rules.  I am toying with a couple ideas to help students learn the rules so they can apply the rules.  I have thought about having students take pictures of each problem, show their work and then import the problem into Haiku Deck and then explain which theorem allowed them to solve the problem.  When they are done, they will show me the presentation.  This will give them the opportunity to connect the various theorems to the actual work.  I've noticed in the past my students do not always connect the theorems with what they are doing.  I should have things done and able to report back in a few days.
I came across something in yahoo news about landlords in San Francisco who are offering people money to move out of their rent controlled apartments so the apt can be rerented for a higher amount.  One family who lived in an apt for 24 years was being offered $50,000 to move out of their $549 a month apt.  This is enough for me to write some neat problems and to educate my students about rent control.  This is something they may never run into so I hope to expand their horizons.