Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Equivalent fractions by NCTM

I stumbled across an app on equivalent fractions created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  This app has students use either circles or squares to make two different equivalent fractions.

The app shows a fraction such as 12/18 and the student has two opportunities to create two other equivalent fractions.  Note that the fraction is also shown on a number line.

The app has students use joysticks to create the new divisions and they tap on the unit to color it in.

Note that as a student creates the equivalent fractions, these also appear on the number line showing they are the same.   If a student creates a fraction that is not equivalent, it is easy to tell by looking at the number line so a student can redo the fraction.  I like this immediate feed back feature.

Since many of my students are unable to create drawings of both fractions and equivalent fractions, this can be used to help them increase their understanding of mathematics. I would say this app works for grades 4 on up to help reinforce and scaffold learning.
I do apologize about the direction of the photos as I am still learning to do many things on my iPad.