Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My script calculator and Boss Maths system of equations.

I knew that in my script calculator, if you put in the equation in just right, it supplies the answer so the students do not have to actually show their work.  I realized this when a young man wanted to use an iPad during the test to answer a couple of simple problems like 2x + 3 = 8. I had a suspicion on why he wanted it because I discovered this myself.  That is why I always require them to show how they got their answers Please note on the picture that it shows the answer.

Right now my Algebra II class is working on solving systems of equations using graphing, substitution and elimination.  I have the Boss Math's app that helps students solve systems of equations. 

I like it because it has an introductory section and shows three ways to solve the equations.  Then there is a test section where students may test themselves on each of the ways and they get scores so they know how they did.  I plan to use these tests for a quick assessment next week to see how they are doing. 
This is what the first page of the introduction looks like.
This app teaches a comparison method but I plan to use it for the substitution and elimination methods.  I would not use this to teach solving systems of equations but I would use it to refresh, differentiate and scaffold along with assessment.