Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Tonight I just discovered OpenEd which is a website filled with common core based lesson plans, videos, assessments, and games for students.  It covers grades K to 12 and best of all it has an app for the ipad or an android based mobile devices. 
All you need to do is sign up to access all the material available.  You can set up classes that students can use a code to get into.  You do not need to have everyone set up their own account, or even provide an e-mail.
During the search for material I can choose to search for a lesson plan, a video, an assessment, or a game.  The descriptions tell you which are free and which are part of the premium package.  You can add any of these things to your class lesson.  The high school section of common core math has classified things according to the standard stands of Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Number and Quality, and finally Statistics and Probability.  I love that each item has information on the common core standard it matches, ratings, type of license, etc.  You can mix and match as your needs require. 
I need to set up a class and try it out.  My only concern is if the ipads can run most of the games or if most will not work.  I am off to check things out.