Monday, December 8, 2014

Keynote and misc.

Over the weekend I played with keynote and discovered that I can create an animated slide in that application and then I can export it as a quicktime move.  Tonight I am going to see if I can create audio to go with a slide and export it as a quick time movie.  This way I can make short videos and up load them to my wiki so that students can either download them or watch them there.  In addition, I figured out how to create certain three-dimensional shapes using keynote so I am proud of myself on that.
I am realizing how many of my students are having issues with adding or subtracting signed numbers.  They often just glance at the numbers and just add or subtract as if they are positive numbers.  I have asked for two apps to be added to my iPads  for next semester.  One is paid and one is free.  I requested the interative integer app be installed as it works with addition and subtraction of signed numbers using both a number line and manipulatives.  I hope this helps my students. The other app is Integers quiz pro.  The second one is more of a practice app, so this way I will have students working on learning signed numbers in two ways.
NOTE:  Last night I downloaded Integers quiz pro and tried it out. It is a quiz app that allows you to choose one of 5 levels and one of several topics to quiz yourself on.  This app is a bit different in that you start with so many points and spend the points each time you take the quiz but you can earn more points by using the app each day or playing with it.  I plan to explore it more and report back on it.