Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thinking blocks - ratios

Today while I was surfing the apps store, I discovered an app that looks like a really good app.  The app is designed to help students learn to do simple ratio word problems.

This app has students using a step by step process to solve the problems. First the student reads the problem and then labels the model appropriately.

  Once they've checked to make sure they have identified the quantities properly, they then actually build the model to represent the problem. The app goes as far as telling the student the number of blocks should they need it.

The students then identify and label the correct quantities . Once the model is correct, the student is told to calculate the answer.

I like this app because it has the student solve word problems in a step by step manner while giving immediate feedback.  It does not make corrections for the students but it lets the student know what was done incorrectly and has the student make the correction.  I also like that the app focuses on solving word problems since most students struggle to solve any type of word problem.