Friday, December 19, 2014

This and that.

Over christmas, I plan to download that math app (Math chat) that allows students to collaborate on math problems and try it out with my husband.  Both he and I have an iPad and he knows math so we can have fun trying it out.  I also want to create quizzes in Practi from mathtoons.  I'll have my husband try them out.
I want to get some things set up in schoology and update worksheets so that students can write directly on them  and send it to me or put in a dropbox of some sort so they can turn it into me and neither one of us has a chance to really loose it or argue over it being turned in.  I hope to set up something that allows me to enter that I got the work and the score they got on it so they know immediately what is going on.
I have a couple ibooks I want to finish off over holidays and I am thinking of trying to do an interactive ibook for the alphabet with pictures and 3 dimensional objects to help students experience objects better.  A 2 dimensional picture is great but if it is 3d object, its better if they can see the 3 dimensions of the item.
I am not going to have much time off to totally relax buy I think I am going to have fun.  I have to start creating lessons for a presentation in February so I'll be doing that too.  I sometimes wish I had a smaller list.