Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inequality kickoff

Today I had the perfect situation to use this app as a way of introducing my students to graphing inequalities.  Since this app has 10 levels, I could start the students on the lowest level to just graph simple inequalities such x > -2.  It took them a bit to get the hang of using the program but it means that I can have them work on it to become more familiar with solving inequalities.  On Thursday I will put them on a higher level so they have to solve one step inequalities which will require them to change the sign because of the multiplication or division by a negative number.  I plan to have them use this app regularly to get the additional practice they need.
On the other hand in Algebra II we were reviewing the rules of exponents and I had them do quiz 9 in the Mathtoons exponents app and many of them struggled with it.  So I had them move to Quiz 6 on exponents and they did a bit better but still struggled.  This gave me a quick assessment so I knew what I had to cover during the quick informational part of the lesson where I reminded them of the basic rules. 
I am getting better at using various apps to do a quick assessment of where my students are.  One thing I need them to do is when the app has an explanation of what they did incorrectly, they need to slow down, read the material and process it.  I just got the idea for students to list the question they missed, write down why they missed it and what to think about next time.  Yeah.