Wednesday, February 4, 2015

movies, videos or television

I saw that the telestory app is free today.  Telestory is an app for ages 6 to 8 to create their own television show.  Even though I teach high school, I downloaded it to play with.  It also made me wonder why we don't do more in the movie/video/show dept as far as math.  Over the past hour or so I thought about how many ways we could have the students use this type of media in class.
1.  The history of a mathematician.
2.  A show on a particular aspect of math.
3.  Solving problems using animation.
4.  Movies of stories students write on a certain topic.
5.  A music video focusing on relationships between mathematical concepts such as medians, altitudes, perpendicular bisector or angle bisector.
6.  Videos designed to show younger students or peers how do to something.
7.  A cartoon on vectors, etc.
These are just a few ideas I came up with that students could create in mathematics using various movie/video/show apps. 
Too often, I feel that in math we are limited by other people's ideas of certain apps can only be used in art, English, language arts or elementary.  I know it takes me a while to get to a point I can come up ideas for using apps.  I want to assign my students some fun group projects that involve the production of a video.  I am off to figure out critera and a list of projects for students to choose from.