Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solving word problems and activities students can do.

Today as I worked with students on using the K (What do you know), F (What do you need to find,) C (What things do you have to consider), and W (the work).  I likened this to solving a murder mystery.  The K part is the dead body and what ever information you get from it such as it was a young woman who was strangled and found in the woods.  The K for us is the information we are given within the word problem.  The F is finding the murderer and in math the problem tells us what to find.  The C in a mystery is to think about everything, the evidence, the suspects, etc while in math it might be a formula, the operation,  an idea of how to attack it.  Finally is the work where in both mysteries and math, we do the work to find the answer. 
This lead me to the idea that perhaps I could have students create an actual mystery book in which the detective solves the crime using maybe book creator or other type of app.  This is an idea, I plan to play with before I have my students do it. Perhaps when they are done, we can have them share the completed stories with their families.