Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thoughts on trying to teach two classes in one period

Due to reasons beyond my control, I have to teach both pre-algebra and algebra together in one period.  They assigned me two TA's but I usually only have one in the room at any time.  I am finding that having the ipads is a help because I can put the pre-algebra class on it to practice solving one step equations using i-spy x while I instruct the algebra class or I can have the algebra class use lion graph to practice finding equations of a line while I work with the pre-algebra.  This makes it so much easier for me and this way I am able to meet the needs of both classes. 
The other advantage with ipads is on a day where the class period ends up significantly shortened or I need to incorporate scaffolding, I can individually assign apps to the students to work on their weak area.  I know that I need to have many of my students work on strengthening their ability to work with fractions and I use the app with the video instruction and practice to help them. 
I just read something that talked about collaboration using an ipad and how to assign various jobs using various apps.  For a group of students one has the camera to record the work, another uses a word document app, the third creates a graphic organizer and the fourth is responsible for posting the work.  I like this as I've been wondering how to do collaboration and wasn't sure how to assign the tasks. This is a great start and something I can work use in class with a slight adjustment.