Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hooda Math

I stumbled across a Hooda Math app for the Hooda Math website.  I admit, I've not bothered checking it out in the past because many of the games looked a bit young for my high school students but I found two games I could easily use in Algebra or Geometry.

The first game that looks good for my high schoolers is Slope Intercept Surround which has students identify the m and b for two lines that surround the colored area.  In essence, the graph represents the answer for two inequalities.

However the way the game is set up, you identify the two lines that border the colored area.  when you click on the first slope, you are given a choice of  four possible slopes and it is your job to select the correct one.  Then you move to finding the intercept for the first line.
 Once you have the slope and intercept for the first line entered, the line appears on the graph and you can see if you are correct.  You might have to go back and make changes to get everything correct.

The process is repeated for the other line.  Once the student has both lines correct, they move on to the next graph.  As far as I can tell, the lines all match up with the type of graph you see to the right.

The second game is transformation golf.

 This game requires students to identify the type or types of transformations needed to move the white circle  to where the black circle is located.
 Notice each transformation has its own button.  I would choose translation first, then a choice of directions appear, so I'd choose up, then select 2 off the next screen because I have to go up two units.

The app moves the white circle up two. I'd choose translation again, right, one saying move it to the right one space.  I'm done because the white circle has met the black circle.

Finally, Hooda Math has certain math manipulatives that can be used on the iPad.  Its got Base Ten Blocks, Algebra Balance Equations, Algebra Tiles, Number Line Addition and A Hundreds Chart. 

This is great because I have a few activities that need Algebra Tiles but I've not found a free app that allows access to either an algebra balance or tiles and most of the web based ones do not work on the iPad.  I'm still exploring the other games available to see which I can use on my iPads in class but these will fit.