Thursday, April 27, 2017

Previewing Material With Trailers.

Photo Manipulation, Alien, Foreign  I'm working my way through the book Teaching Like A Pirate.  I really enjoy the book because the ideas are conveyed through questions.  Questions phrased in such a way as to allow your mind to come up with solutions.

One question in there lead me to consider using movie trailers, like those you see on television which try to capture your interest.

After some playing around, I discovered iMovie allows a person to take some pre-made trailers and adjust them to fit your needs.  I made one for my Algebra II and one for my animation class.  This is actually a cool idea.

When I played them, the class sort of stopped and looked with confusion on their faces.  They asked me to replay the trailers so they could see what they missed.  They fell silent and began reading the words flashing across the screen.  The attention was awesome.

Here is the video:

iMovie allowed me to create this.  I hoope it uploaded properly but I wanted everyone to see the possibilities.  For the last couple weeks of school, I plan to do a unit on the math involved in getting man to the moon so this is what the trailer is about.

I took the retro trailer, added pictures, changed the wording and I had a cool trailer so students would be teased into thinking about the upcoming work.

Let me know what you think.