Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In this case splat does not represent the sound the Coyote makes when he hits the ground when chasing after the roadrunner.  It is the name of a new series of math activities designed to help stundents of all ages develop number sense.

Steve Wybourney, author of The Writing On The Classroom Wall, shared 50 regular splats and 20 fraction splats.  A splat is one or more ink blots which cover a certain number of dots. The idea is for the student to use the information provided to find an answer.

Each activity is set up as a power point but works as well in keynote. The activity walks the student through each step On the first activity of each bundle guides students through the process so they know what is expected.  One step includes having students think of possible combinations or totals which is one way to have students develop number sense.

Towards the end of each splat, the answers are revealed but only after students have a chance to think about their answers including the opportunity to explain their thinking.

The fraction splats operate in the same manner except students see a combination of whole and factional circles. They look at the total before a splat covers some of them. It is up to the student to workout the fraction covered by the splat.

I will be teaching a basic math course for students who are well below grade level and a pre-algebra for students who are only a little below grade level. I can see using these for both classes as a way for students to develop number sense.  Most of mine arrive in high school without having developed number sense.

I can hardly wait to use them.  In the meantime check them out and let me know what you think.