Thursday, June 9, 2016

Update on Paper Circuits in Math

The zeros in a polynomial
I had the privilege to present at the Kamehameha Schools Educational conference yesterday.  It was Awesome watching adults figure out how to create a circuit so they could use it in their classroom.  I provided several examples for the first half hour and for the second half hour, I provided people a chance to explore creating their own circuits.  Several of the elementary teachers figured out how they could use it in their classes.

 This type of circuitry works well in conic sections.  I used the same circuit for the ellipse and the hyperbola since the two equations had the same a and b.  It worked well.
 Of course you can use lights to show select points in a linear equation. 
Linear Equations
 The LED"s show the point of intersection for the two equations.  It makes it quite clear what is happening with the graphs.

Systems of Equations
Since I work with ELL students, I've found using the lights help the students see the points so much better than without.  The leds cause those points to jump out.

These are just ideas I've played with.  I can use it for discontinuities.  A kindergarten teacher realized she could use the circuits for the shapes with her little ones.  I felt thrilled a couple of the elementary teachers figured out their own uses for paper circuits in their classrooms because I have no idea what would be appropriate for them.