Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Math Scribble App

Math Scribble App is an app with blanks that students can write on to demonstrate knowledge.  It had blanks for horizontal and vertical number lines (0 to 10), the first quadrant of the coordinate plane, horizontal and vertical number lines (-10 to 10) and full coordinate plane (-10 to 10), unlabeled horizontal and vertical number lines, 2 horizontal lines, Venn Diagram, Big Square,  10 x 10 square block, 10 rows of 10 blocks, 2 rectangles, 5 long rectangles, 4 circles and a totally blank page. 

A student can use their fingers to write on the page and if there is a mistake, its easy to erase and redo it.  Each of these pages can be used in different ways.  I took a few shots of some of the blanks and I can see a variety of ways to use them. 

This is the 5 large rectangles page.  It could easily be used to write down the correct order for solving an equation based on something shown on the board, or perhaps as a way to compare fractions, decimals?

This vertical number line could be used by students to add or subtract exponents, calculate thermometer readings,  elevation above or below sea level, etc

This particular page is good for showing the angles associated with two parallel lines and a transverse.

The blanks can be used in most high school math classes from Pre-Algebra up to Algebra II in a variety of ways.  In addition this app could be used in the upper elementary and middle school classes.  I plan to put this one on the iPads come fall because of the possible uses.  Check it out and the best thing about it?  Its free.