Friday, July 12, 2013

update on subtext

The other day I got an update for my subtext and it states it now does pdf files.  This is a huge jump for me in that it allows me to scan a copy of work into a pdf file to use in the classroom.  I have several books on activities that can be done in a center and this application will allow me to use these activities so I do not use as much paper as I normally do.  I see it as a way of cutting down on students loosing their work and its there if a student is absent.  I can also assign them a worksheet via this program so they work a few problems and turn it in.
I am still working on getting some activities using subtext ready for the next school year.  I have a web page with questions and a video attached to the reading.  I am thinking of having a few problems associated with the reading so students can practice what they just learned.  In the mean time I have a couple programs I am going to test to make a podcast type presentation to go with the material.  I hope to start with those on Monday so I can report back. 
Once school begins, I can let you know who it all works out.  We all know that what we hope happens does not always happen.