Friday, July 19, 2013

Algebra Tutorial app

I found this free app in the itunes store and it sounded quite good.  I opened it up and noted that it has lots of topics such as fractions, linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, various equations for finding a line, circles, factoring, and quadratic equations.  I looked at a few topics such as systems of equations.  Each topic and subtopic shows examples of working problems with some written steps but the written step takes the place of actually showing the step visually so if you need to see the actual step, you are out of luck.  The app does provide the opportunity to look at more than one example. 
The other problem is that in some topics they only show one way of doing the work.  For instance, in systems of 2 equations, the app only provides examples for the elimination method.  I know that I will often tell students to use substitution if they can because it is a bit easier.  This app does not show substitution.
I am not sure this is an app I would use in class because the examples are not done as well as examples in a book.  I think this app is more for adults who are reviewing their algebra, rather than being used in class.  I have other apps, I can use to take examples out of the book, write questions for them to answer and have them submit the answers electronically.