Monday, July 18, 2016

Math Bash Free

 Math Bash comes in two different versions, the free and the paid.  The free has some of the topics while the paid allows access to all topics.  I am only looking at the free version.

The app offers select practice question sets, quick start random questions, advanced question selection and matching pairs.

The matching pairs is my favorite because its like concentration where you have to match the equation with its solution.  You have a choice of identifying 2D and 3D shapes or Brackets but you can also select a topic from a fuller list so that you have more choices.  It is timed but only for how long it takes to solve.

 Select Practice Question set has you select a topic which in this case are fractions, decimals, percentages, mental calculations, algebraic expressions and mixed algebra questions.

The mixed algebraic questions offered questions on factoring, identifying the equation of a graphed line, or number patterns.  Since it is a quiz, it is timed.  You do have the option of selecting from a different list.

The list they refer to is the list you get when you click on the advanced question selection so you can work on a specific topic.  Not all the topics are accessible but enough are to give the kids a chance to really practice the skill.  Only the ones without the asterisks are available but for $1.99 you can get the full version. 

The last choice is the start random questions which is exactly as it sounds.  You start taking the quiz as soon as you click on it.  If you miss a question, it lets you know, shows the correct answer, and moves on without giving you a point. 

It is geared for the 11 to 14 crowd but if you teach high school, this could be used to scaffold skills that students are weak in when they arrive in High School.  There are four different versions of the paid app because its wants to provide support to the UK, the US, and two other programs such as the International Baccalaureate Program.  There is an paid elementary version set up along the same lines.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.