Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pokeman Go!

Pokemon Go, Pokemon, Pokeball, Blue, IcePokeman Go, the latest craze to hit the digital scene.  It is an augmented reality app which has people running around malls, stores, and other places in search of Pokeman.  Instead of being tethered to your x-box while you sit on the couch or lie on the floor, you have to be up and moving while searching for your quarry.

Pokeman Go relies on GPS to determine your location and know where to place the creatures for your hunting pleasure.  This video by Kyle Hill give a very nice 7 minute introduction on the science and math of Pokeman Go.  He has nice detailed information about the satellites and GPS used when hunting your prey!

The Stack Exchange has a lovely infographic on  the three stats associated with the game.  Two of the three base stats are hidden but all three are mathematically calculable with the equations shown. This infographic does a great job of explaining stamina, attack, and defense, the math that produces them, and how they relate to each other.

This Prezi presentation explores the mechanics and mathematics of pokeman from getting the perfect Pokeman to the amount of damage your opponent can take.  The mathematics is specific and shown with excellent examples.  In fact this Prezi explains certain material in the infographic with better detail.

What about moving up through the levels to 100.  How long will it take you to do that?  According to this article it takes as many points to move off of level 30 as it did to move from level 1 to 25 combined! There is a shop where you can buy additional balls so you don't have to spend the time needed to acquire them via playing.  Think about all the fun you could have calculating probabilities for each level.

Speaking of the store and buying balls, there are things you can buy as a business which can drive additional folks your way.  Since I've never played the game, I'm not as familiar with things like this but this article is written for the business owner.  It gives hints on ways to get lures and find gyms which can drive foot traffic their way.  I'd never thought about the economic possibilities on this.

You might want to integrate this information into your classroom and snag student interest in seeing how math is used in Pokeman Go!