Thursday, November 17, 2016

Green Screen part 1

I have just started playing around with green screens and video making in Math.  Since I'm still learning, I chose a project aimed at kindergarten and first grades.  Its just counting cats but its a start.
This video counts from one to ten cats by the sea.  The rocks are cut out of a picture I took in front of the Waikiki Aquarium using preview. I placed them on a keynote slide with a green background (fern) and exported it as an image.  The numbers and cats are from a felt board app on my iPad.  I took individual screen shots of the numbers and   The background is a picture I took from my brother's deck looking out across Birch Bay to Mount Baker. 

I put it all together in iMovie so the first layer was the background shot with each photo on top and each was identified as green screen.  Add titles so the kids can read along and voice on top.  I exported it as 460 or so and voila, I have a movie.

I shared it with a few people already. The first grade teacher in the language immersion class would like me to make it again using seals and a local background so she can record a voice over in the local language while the regular first grade teacher wants a copy to share with his class.

You might want to know why I'm exploring this particular venue.  I want to know how to use green screens in a variety of ways so I can create better videos for my students and also to be able to help my students when they create films.

I have several ideas such as showing how to use transformations to prove congruent triangles or dilation to prove similar triangles.  I can put a coordinate plane in the back of something using green screen. 

I want to create a video on Dunkirk and how long it would take the fleet of boats here in the village to move 350,000 the same distance here.  I am working on one with the solar system, planets, distance, eccentricities, etc.

I'll probably post another video in a while when I get it done but I wanted to share this with you as it is the first time I've made a green screen movie.  Let me know what you think.