Monday, November 21, 2016


Architecture, Modern, Corner, Building  There is beauty and perfection in certain numbers in math.  Look at the 3-4-5 triangle which is one of our standard examples in math to explain the Pythagorean Theorem but its also considered the standard in industry.

Its one of our perfect triplets of all time.  I love it and so do carpenters or concrete forms.  In order to create the perfect 90 degree angle, carpenters and people who make concrete forms know to use the 3-4-5 triangle to create the perfect right angle.

This particular triangle has recorded uses back in Ancient Egypt.  They are not sure if the Pythagorean Theorem was known back then but they do know surveyors used the concept for building.

The way to apply this is to take a corner.  You measure 3 feet from the corner and mark it. Then you measure 4 feet from the corner, in the other direction and make a mark.  If you get a measurement of 5 feet between the two marks, you have a 90 degree angle.  If its less, the angle is less than 90 degrees and if its more, the angle is over 90.

I know how important this concept is in building because I helped build a small cabin when I was in college.  They laid the flooring and then build each side so when hefted into place, it was supposed to fit together perfectly.  When we went to put it together we discovered no one used this particular mathematical concept when building.

The floor was not square and each side listed slightly so they were not square.  After a lot of swearing, shoving, and pushing we got it to fit but I will not guarantee how long it stood since the right angles were put in under pressure.  I don't think our supervisors had ever built anything and I didn't know you used the 3-4-5 triangle under this circumstance.

It could also be used to make sure tile or carpet is perfectly square so that it fits in the corner.  So this lovely triangle can be used in any situation where you want a perfect 90 degree angle.  Let me now what you think.