Monday, March 6, 2017

Draw 3 D Junior

 The other day, I stumbled across a very nice app for students aged 6 to 12 called Draw 3D Junior: Learn Geometry & Create 3D Models.

This app does cost $2.99 but it is different from many other geometry apps in that it teaches students to draw 2 dimensional shapes in a world where you can move the shape around and examine it in 3 dimensions.

The  app offers three options beginning with the learn section, create, and browse.  The first option, learn, takes the student through 30 different polygons from triangles and squares to 3 dimensional shapes such as cylinders and spheres.

The app is set up so the student works through the shapes slowly.

The app leads the student through creating the shapes step by step by causing the dots to shine.  This way it is easy to follow the apps lead.  At the end, the student has created the shape.

The shape moves around as each segment is put in so the student see all sides.  When its done, it moves around or you can move it around to examine all 3 dimensions.

In addition, once the polygon is finished, the app shows the name of the polygon, the number of faces, vertices, and edges.

According to the app, the tetrahedron has four triangular faces, six straight edges and four vertices.

The create allows the student to make their own design.  I made a house but it took a bit of maneuvering to get it right in all three dimensions. I had to move the perspective around a few times to make sure segments were the correct length.

The browse feature shows you other shapes which have been made.

This app could be used in high school for students who are quite visual and need to see the shape from various directions.  It would be appropriate in an English Language Learner classroom, or with students who need extra scaffolding.  I actually enjoyed playing with it.