Monday, March 13, 2017

Update on Google Classroom.

Tablet, Books, Education, Desk  I'm recently implemented google classroom in all my classes for several reasons including the fact I have a classroom load of iPads, I'm not using enough.

My first step has been to list all warm-ups, assignments, due dates, and announcements in each period.  I discovered I can share Khan Academy videos with students via a Google classroom share button.

This week, I've taken things a step farther because we have just about run out of paper and we cannot make as many copies as we have in the past.  They've asked us to cut down as much as possible.  So this week, I'm creating assignments with problems in google classroom so students do not have to keep track of as much paper.

I have not set up google docs, slides, sheets, etc yet because I will not get them on my iPads till next fall according to the tech department.  So I am either writing the problems into the assignment or attaching screen shots of the problems I want done.

I don't know how its going to go but we'll find out Monday when my students log in.  I hope it cuts down on the issues I've had with the athletes who travel.  Most do not get their work done, loose it, or any one of a number of other reasons.  They can log in via the internet while they are gone and can keep up.

I hope over the next 9 weeks of school to place more and more on line so I have fewer papers to grade and make them more independent.  I put up links to pages they can explore with videos or with written examples. 

One thing I do to help them learn to take notes, is to play a video, stop it so they know what types of things make good notes for later on.  I'm hoping next year, I can just post a video for them to take their own notes.  Hopefully by next year, they will be much more independent in their learning.

I will continue to post updates.  I should also tell you, I anxiously await the publication of a google classroom book which is focused on Math.  I can hardly wait till April.  One of the authors is Alice Keeler.  She is the one who inspired me to take my first step into using Google Classroom and I thank her.

I'd love to hear from others about using google classroom in math and how's it going.  Thanks for reading.