Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lego Apps

Error, Not Found, 404, Lego, Mistake, 4  The other day, I went to the app store for my ipad, looking for lego apps that might be used for teaching math.  I found three but none of them proved to be worth it.

Math 4 Kidz 3 is advertised as using legos to teach fractions but it comes without instructions and so I made a few guesses and never figured it out.  I hoped this might be work so I wouldn't have to worry about losing lego blocks but as stated earlier, it just doesn't work.  If I can't figure it out, I am not going to consider using it in class.

I also found two lego education apps, one for the UK and one for DE.  Both are outdated in terms of one states its for 2016 while the other is dated 2015.  I'll start with the one for the UK. I downloaded two previews, one on maths and one for general learning experiences. It has a preview for More to Maths curriculum packs 1-2.

It shows everything but it looks like its actually the book you'd buy or get with the kit so you know how to use them.  Honestly, I didn't see anything I'd really be interested in.  The DE education one has two issues but they looked more like catalogues and were not particularly interesting.

I even went so far as to look for ibooks on the topic but didn't find any specifically focused on math.  This leads me to believe the most up to date information on using Legos in the math classroom.  So there you have it.  Look on line for better suggestions and uses of Legos in the math classroom.