Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cool Video Site.

Board, Mathematics, Characters, CountI love finding sites with fun activities or videos.  The ones that make the students laugh while they pay attention and they learn something.  Well I found a really cool site.  It's Math Antics.

Math Antics has several strands of free videos covering arithmetic, fractions, geometry, percents, and Algebra basics.  In addition, each strand has at between 7 and 18 topics.

This site offers the introduction, exercises, examples (video), worksheets and the answers for each topic.  Only the first two or three topics in each strand are free, the site only  charges $20 per year for total access to everything.

The way each lesson or topic is set up is as follows:
1.  The topic has an introductory video students watch to learn more about the topic.  The man who does it, has really good explanations that show relationships between things and is very detailed without being too wordy.  There is humor, good language usage and its fun.  I showed a video on solving two step equations that had my students laughing over the material.

2. There is an examples  video to go with the exercises worksheet.  So Rob the instructor is showing how to do the exercises on the example video step by step so students can fill out their  sheets as Rob fills his out.

3.  The third step is to assign the worksheets designed to help students practice certain aspects of the lessons and there is an answer key available should it be needed.

I showed this site to the middle school math teacher who finds it just as good as I do and I know he plans to use it.  I suspect both of us will pay the $20, so we can  use the site to help teach our students.  I know my students pay more attention if its a video than my talks.  I suspect they might learn more when I start using this.

Check it out, see what you think and have fun playing with it.