Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Polynomial Use In Everyday Life - 11 Ways.

Graph, Growth, Finance, ProfitsWe know polynomials are used in roller coaster design but where else are they used?  How are they used?  Who uses them?  I hate trying to snatch an answer out of thin air so I've been researching this so when I'm asked I can respond sensibly.

1  Polynomials are used in industries that deal with physical phenomena or modeling situations dealing with the future.

2. Polynomials are used in financial planning to predict how much money you will have in so many years, perhaps for when you retire.

3. Polynomials are often used in construction to plan how much material to order for a project.

4. Polynomials are used to plan how long it will take to earn the money needed for the future, including expenses.

5.  Polynomials are used in gravitational acceleration.

6. Polynomials are used in modeling situations such as predicting which way the stock market might go or how selling at various prices will effect the total amount sold.

7. Polynomials are used in physics in a variety of situations.

8.  Polynomials can be used in both electronics and chemistry.

9. Polynomials are used to determine the concentration of a drug in the blood system.

10. Polynomials can be used to determine the weight of a sick person.

11. Polynomial regression in used in stats.

I can see dividing the class into small groups to research one topic and report back to the class.  I didn't realize it was used in this many different areas in life. I love learning.