Saturday, March 12, 2016

Teaching Volume vs Surface Area

Louvre, Pyramid, Paris, Architecture  I've been teaching area and volume in my Geometry class.  I gave a quiz recently that showed me they still struggled with some of the language involved.  For instance, I've been teaching the formulas for volume using both lwh and Bh so they might see the connection that volume is the area of something (base) times its height.  The results of the quiz indicated that students saw base as a one dimensional concept and having no relation to area.

So I'm going to reteach some of the material while moving forward in the hopes that students will see the connection between area, volume, and surface volume.  I prepared a four column graphic organizer for student notes.

I want the students to fill this out as I review the formulas, definitions and other details of the two dimensional figures.  Once they've filled the first column, the second will carry the notes that the base uses the area formula for the three dimensional figures.

I downloaded several nets of three dimensional figures from senteacher to use for having students  write down the individual shapes that make up the 3D figure. I have a second organizer for students that will have them write down the number of each shape that makes the 3D figure, the formulas for surface area, and the measurements so they can calculate both the volume and surface area of the figure.

This site has interactive materials so they can see the 3D shape as it turns around so students can see the whole figure.  You can change the rotation and speed of the figure  To one side is the net for the figure which folds up and unfolds and can be paused as needed.  It does require flash so may not work on the iPads.

To end, both Math Geek Mama and Great Math Teaching Ideas both have packets of nets ready to do and all you need to do is download them.

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight as its time to spring forward.