Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Need Tape!

Adhesive Tape, Scotch Tape, Tape, Office  As I read about ways to improve my teaching, I hit research that suggests we incorporate movement into our daily lessons to help students learn better.  Currently, I have students get up to get papers or iPads so I have movement but I'd like to expand the movement to including it for learning. 

I've seen several ideas that have movement built in to the activity but most of the activities require me to create a number line or grid using tape.  I have a room that is mostly carpet except for a small area next to the door which is tile.

I can do number lines on the tiled part but I end up making the units much smaller and its hard to do a good number line students can stand on. So I need to find out what type of tape would work well on carpeting.  It needs to come off easily and not leave any residue.  I'm thinking maybe painters tape but I don't know.  I've got a trip planned to the hardware store in May to get their advice.

I can use the tape to set up a grid system around my desks so I can use movement to teach:
1. Slope
2. Linear equations - finding a line from the two points, finding the equation from the line, etc.
3. Solving systems of equations.
4. Learning the coordinate system.
5. A number line for positive and negative numbers, adding and subtracting signed numbers.
6. Visual representations of percents, decimals, fractions, etc.
7. Matrices.
8. Polygons - area, perimeter, internal angles, external angles.
9. Similar and congruent Triangles.
10.  Solving certain types of equations.

So I need a tape I can put down and take up as needed that will not hurt my carpet.  I want to do more of this type of activity in my class so I keep students interested and focused.