Friday, April 22, 2016

More on Descartes Dots and Graphing

Fly Agaric, Mushroom, Red, Fungi, Fungus I reviewed Descartes Dots earlier in this blog but I've discovered that some students have difficulty using it if they are classified as ELL.  I've been working with my Pre-Algebra class which is 75% designated ELL students.  I can't always go as fast as I would like.

If you haven't run into it, it is a program designed to help students practice graphing on a coordinate plane by creating pictures using the provided coordinates.  You have to set point 1, set point 2, set the line, set the first point again at the end of the line.  We spent about 15 minutes on it but they will need more practice.

We ended up sitting on the floor with my students sitting around me.  I brought up the app and showed them how to do it step by step.  When I paused, I had them do the move before I demonstrated the next step.  A couple of the students got it but most of them are going to need additional practice.

I started the students on the Coordinate Plane app which relies on students finding the point by taping on the coordinate. At the end the app connected all the dots but it only uses the first quadrant.  So once they were comfortable, I moved them to Descartes Dots which uses all four quadrants.  Once they are comfortable using all four quadrants, I'll have them do an extention.

I am going to have students create a drawing on graph paper and write down the coordinates of the drawing  so other people can recreate the pictures.  Once, I've collected the drawings with coordinates, I'm going to make copies and then pass them out to other students to "test" how well they did.

Back to Descartes Dots.  There is both a free version and paid version but I use the free version and I really love it.  I find it fun and I love the pictures that are created and you never know what it will be.  Have a great time and enjoy.