Monday, September 19, 2016

The Best Way To Flip A Classroom Without Internet Access

School, Back To School, Schulbeginn  We all assume everyone has internet access with the number of mobile devices out there but that is not necessarily true.  My home internet is down more than its up and even when its up, I can't always watch videos or download anything at home so I know how frustrating it can be.

I forget where I heard or read this but one teacher puts the material or videos onto a thumb drive so they can put it into their computers.  So one could also put the material on a google site for students to download before they leave school, perhaps at the end of class. 

This is reinforced by an article published on ISTE by Todd Nesloney.  These are his suggestions. Use a thumb drive to transfer material to student computers.  If they don't have a computer at school, he burns the information to a rewritable  DVD so students can get more information without needing new DVD's each time.  For students without a DVD player, Todd suggests recommends loading the material on an iPad or other mobile device for the students to check out. 

In several other articles, it is suggested the material be uploaded to the school's website so students can access it with their mobile devices or post to any free site such as You Tube, Vimeo, or other site that is easily accessible place where students can go.

At my school, students are not allowed to access the internet but there is a way to directly share the material with students who have bluetooth. None of the article suggested the material be shared this way.  There are plenty of sites with information available for doing this.  In addition, there is drop box, etc which are ways can download onto a school device and then transfer it to their device.

Another way might be to pare students up, one who has a device with internet and one who does not so they can work on the assignment together.  This way they both watch it and are prepared when they get to class.  In addition, the link could easily be put into a QR code for quicker access.

In addition, Macs are set up so you can share material fairly easily.  I admit, I've never thought of sharing material in any of these ways.  There are times I'd like to have students watch a video prior to arriving in class but I just haven't figured out how to ensure everyone has access.  I think this coming week I'm going to check to see how many students have internet access and start assigning homework with a QR code attached sending them to the video I want them to watch.

If you have another other ideas, please feel free to share with me.  I'd love to hear them.