Thursday, September 8, 2016

Smart Exchange.

Smart Board, Monitor, Education, School  I am a proud owner of a Smart Board attached to my wall.  I use it for so many things from showing videos in class, to creating units with notes to playing jeopardy.   I don't think I go a day without using it.

For those of you who don't know, the Smart Board people offer a place where you can post materials or download materials.  Its called the Smart Board Exchange and is filled with materials for almost every subject.  A few presentations cost money but for the most part, they are free.

You can type in a topic or you can use an advanced search which allows you to narrow your search to topic and grade.  I typed in trigonometric graphs because we'll be doing that in the advanced math class next week.  I came up with several possibilities such as a 12 slide presentation on graphs to a 55 page one that shows the relationship between the unit circle and the graph of the trig ratios.

The site is set up so you can preview the material before you download it.  Sometimes the material I want is spread out over two or three presentations, so I integrate the slides I want into one presentation. 

Many of these presentations are interactive, have movement, vocabulary, questions, both guided and independent practice so its not just you show and they watch.  Students often get up and get to interact with the board.  I've actually written clarifying information on slides when my students had trouble understanding the material. 

Since I work with ELL students, I sometimes download a grade 5 presentation because it provides the material at the right level for their understanding.  Other times, I might download the lower grade because it is filled with animation that is perfect for getting student attention.

If you have a smart board, check the site out and find all sorts of great material.  It might save time as you prepare for your weekly lessons.