Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cool Web Site For Problem Solving and Word Problems.

Fountain, Water, Flowing, Park, Splash  I was out researching something on water sprinklers and ran across a site created by Robert Kaplinsky who has created a bunch of lessons for teachers to use.  He works in Southern California and helps to train teachers to teach students problem solving.

He offers lessons for kindergarten to algebra 2.  These lessons cover a variety of topics and he includes everything needed to use them.

One lesson for Geometry is titled "How did they make Ms Pac-man".  The lesson begins with a challenge and questions the teacher asks students about the game.  Then comes the consider this part where Mr. Kaplinsky goes through the actual lesson, including all the youtube videos needed to support the learning along with his answers.  At the end is the teachers files and the list of common core standards the lesson meets.

Examples of some of the lessons include:

1. "How did he get a $103,000 speeding ticket in Finland?"

2. "How did Motel 6 go from $6 to $66?"

3. "How fast was the fastest motorcycle ticket ever?"

4. "How many Royal Flushes will you get?"

5. "Where would the Angry Birds have landed?"

6. "How can we correct the scarecrow?"

The above six are from Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  The next 6 are from the K to 6 group.

7. "How many soda combos are there on a Coke Freestyle?"

8. "How much money are the coins worth?"

9. "How far apart are the freeway exits?"

10. "Which pizza is a better deal?"

11. "How big is the worlds largest deliverable pizza?"

12. "How much money is that?"

These all look like fun and are on topics the kids might find fun.  Check it out and let me know what you think?