Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Google Classroom.

Classroom, School, Desks, Rows  Last week, I attended a technology conference where I spent a whole day on google classroom.  I've been thinking about what the presenter said and it made sense.

I have students who are gone traveling for sports, 2 to 3 days a week.  They often miss a lot of material when they are out of the classroom.  I decided that google classroom is a good tool so I can list all the warm-ups, assignments, up coming tests, etc and they can check it out while they are gone.

I've already discovered I can create a quick question for students to answer.  When they turn in their answer, I can reply and grade in a short time. I am able to list assignments, due dates, start discussions, etc with no problem.  If students get stuck while traveling, they can post questions to me via private conversation.

Our school is set up as a google education school which is one reason I chose it.  I've already been posting links for videos so if a student gets stuck, they can watch the video as many times as needed to help finish work.   I have assigned a project to my geometry class with all the information and due date so students can check and recheck it.

I still give out actual papers with work on it but as soon as I have them adjusted to using google classroom, I'll start telling them to answer 5 problems but they have to show all their work and explain what they did and why they did it to show me their understanding.

My first period is doing well adjusting to it.  They come in, sign in, and start on their warm-ups.  In fact, several students made the suggestion I label all questions as a warm-up to  make it easier for them to find and complete.  I love the suggestions.

My next step is to have the google apps put on my iPads to open up more opportunities for student work.  Eventually, I would like to have it so students use little if any paper, otherwise they loose everything including their calendars, notebooks, and homework.  I want to make life a bit easier.

So far I am enjoying this tool.  It does not take me long to grade warm-ups, set up work for the next day, or make announcements.  Yes. I am moving into the 21st century.