Thursday, February 9, 2017

Alligator Algebra

Algebra Alligators is a cute little free app designed to help students combine similar terms or practice multiplication or division of terms with variables. 

The idea is simple.  A problem appears on the screen and you select the correct answer from the list of possibilities.  If the answer is correct, the alligators get fed, if the selected answer is incorrect, the shot misses the alligator. 

Once the alligators are properly fed, they leave and you have fewer to feed.  This is a timed activity.  If you get killed because you did not feed enough alligators.

The screen to the right has four alligators.  The problem is at the top and all the answers are between you and the alligators.  The clock is at the top right while the four hearts indicate the number of lives you have available.

Note the problem is 3x + x so you would tap the 4x under the 2nd or 3rd alligator.

An alligator disappears when all the terms in front of an alligator are used.  This is from one game I played.  I've already answered a few problems.  I have 69 seconds left.

Usually you finish off one, then another but the problems seem to be pretty spread out across the solutions so it keeps you guessing as to which alligator will disappear first.

When you finish feeding the last alligator, you are congratulated for escaping the alligators in a certain amount of time. 

There are no levels but every time you replay the game you answer different problems so you cannot memorize the problems.

I enjoy playing this game myself.  I feel it is a good choice to use in the classroom to strengthen student skills.