Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Student Based Learning

Student, Teenager, Book, Learning, Study Over the length of the technology conference, there was one unifying cry.  How do we turn instruction from teacher centered to student centered.

I've been interested in making the change but I've never actually managed it.  I got some great ideas and suggestions so I know the steps I need to take.

One speaker gave some great ways to use google classroom so the students check in rather than you taking roll.  She spoke of ways to use comments to give immediate feedback.

In addition, she talked about creating assignments with few in depth instructions.  Let them use the internet to help find what they need.  She stated, students go through the stages of grief when the instructional method changes to one where they must take responsibility for their learning.

Another speaker had us look at teacher apps such as edupuzzle and discuss how we could have students use it to show their  learning. Four groups looked at four apps.  It was great because these are the pieces I've been missing to make the change.  When I get back, I am going to look at all the apps on the ipads, so I can see how the students can use them to show their learning.

It was suggested we assign fewer problems but require students to explain how they solved the problems by showing each and every step by using a video program. If they can explain the steps in detail, they know what they are doing.

Other ideas thrown out included dividing students into groups and each group will produce a 30 second to 1 min video discussing the theorems used to prove triangles are congruent, factoring quadratics, etc.  So many possibilities.

One of the keynote speakers suggested that social media and personal web pages for students is the new resume.  Their life is shown through Facebook, Tweeting, Instagram, and their own web pages.  If they apply for college, they can send potential recruiters so see who they are.  

I just opened my own Tweeting account.  I'm wondering if I can set it up so I can tweet reminders to them for tests, assignments, etc.  I don't know but its a thought.  This speaker gave me a reason to allow cell phones in the classroom. 

Perhaps my students will be more involved in class and more willing to learn by making a few changes in my classroom.  I have the ideas and now I just have to do it.  I'd love to hear from people who have made these type of changes.  What has worked well?  Let me know.  Please share.